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Monolayer graphene on copper foil 3” x 3” (76 mm x 76 mm)



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Product Metrics


Monolayer Graphene

Transparency: >97%

Graphene Coverage: Equal to or greater than 95% monolayer (see optical image)

FET mobility*: >2700 cm2/(V∙s)

Sheet resistance*: 430 ± 50 Ω/sq

Grain size: >40 μm

Raman D/G ratio: Indistinguishable to 0.03




Our 25 micron-thick copper foil is sourced from a reliable, quality-assured supplier in the United States. As part of our commitment to delivering the highest quality graphene at affordable prices, our in house substrate processing results in copper grain sizes that are tens of square centimeters in area.

3” x 3” graphene/copper foil pieces are secured to their underlying plastic containers with four small Kapton tape pieces, one in each corner. Gently peel the tape or cut off the corners of the foil to release the foil from the plastic container.


Do you need assistance with Raman measurements on your custom/modified graphene sample? We can help! Please inquire at support@grolltex.com or call (858) 368-9065 for details.

“*The indicated product metrics are generic to our transfer process. For all graphene-on-copper products, the displayed range represents electronic data that we have obtained using our in-house transfer capabilities to transfer graphene to SiO2. Your own mobility and sheet resistance numbers will depend entirely on the transfer methods that you use, and the resultant quality of your transfers.


Data files for mobility and Raman measurements are available upon request. Please send an email including your name, institution, and product serial number to support@grolltex.com and indicate which file(s) you would like.


Tips Safety Data Sheet


  • To ensure the maximum shelf life of your graphene sample, it is best stored under vacuum or in inert atmosphere (Argon or Nitrogen) conditions once the vacuum sealed package has been opened.
  • The plastic packaging substrate makes a great surface for cutting your large graphene sheet into smaller pieces. The best tools for cutting the foil are a rolling blade or a sharp scalpel blade. Please recycle your substrates when they are no longer needed!
  • Please keep the product serial number you receive with your sample, as it will assist us if you have inquiries about the product. The serial number (S/N) is located on the clear vacuum-sealed bag your graphene sample arrived in and your invoice.
  • We have taken the guesswork out of your project by analyzing every piece of graphene that leaves the door. Take advantage of the data files available for your graphene batch. Contact us if you require additional characterization of your graphene.
  • If you have modified a piece of graphene you have received from GrollTex and need Raman measurements taken of your sample, we can assist you. Please contact us at support@grolltex.com or (858) 368-9065 for more information.




Do you have more specific questions about our products? Do you have inquiries about custom or bulk orders? Do you need help with Raman measurements of graphene? Please feel free to send us an email at support@grolltex.com, or call us at (858) 368-9065.