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Grolltex Single Layer Graphene and hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN)

Terms and conditions

All of our products at Grolltex are fabricated and packaged in a Class 1000 cleanroom. Adhering to our strict
procedures and processes allows us to achieve high-yield, high-quality CVD graphene and hexagonal Boron Nitride
(hBN) production, resulting in exceptional graphene monolayer material quality at an affordable price. Every batch of
graphene and hBN is analyzed meticulously and comes with a datasheet unique to your specific batch of graphene, so
that the customer always knows the metrics that are most important to them. The individual specification sheet
provided for each unit of graphene or hBN sold by Grolltex contains optical images of graphene from the batch
transferred onto Si/SiO2, FET mobility on Si/SiO2, sheet resistance, and Raman spectra. We are happy to provide the
batch-specific sampling spectra txt/scv files to our customers upon request. Each graphene or hBN sheet is vacuum
sealed in a clean and inert nitrogen environment. Secondary packaging of our graphene material under positive
nitrogen atmosphere in a moisture-proof, light-proof, static-proof cleanroom bag ensures prolonged shelf-life when
not in use by the customer.