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Single-Layer Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Silicon

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Grolltex pushes the technological letter in the field of mono- and few-layer materials engineering. We offer single-layer hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) on a choice of growth or transfer substrates, including high purity silicon. Our silicon (Si) substrates are sourced from a trusted, quality-assured supplier known for high-reliability Czochralski crystal growing. These P-type wafers are made available in standard 4” (100mm) and 6” (150mm), or in large-area diameter slices of 8” (200mm).

Each batch of our single-layer hexagonal boron nitride is grown meticulously in a Class 1000 cleanroom and analysed for quality assurance and control using methods including Raman scattering. The result is a minimum substrate coverage of 95% with sporadic adlayers, and an underlying grain size of at least 4 micrometres (μm).

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