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Single-Layer Graphene on Si Wafers

Terms and conditions

Grolltex is a specialist in the generation of graphene for transfer onto, silicon (Si) wafers using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) as the synthesis process. The topography and chemical purity of the Si wafer is instrumental to the successful growth of graphene monolayers and stacks, which is why our substrates are sourced from a reliable quality-assured supplier. These P-type wafers are extracted from ingots grown via the Czochralski process and are available in 4”, 6” or 8” diameters.

Using our proprietary chemical vapor deposition (CVD) growth process, we can synthesise large monolayer sheets of graphene for transfer on Si wafers and other target substrates of interest with guaranteed substrate coverage of at least 95%. All our materials are generated and packaged in a Class 1000 cleanroom environment to guarantee the highest levels of quality for your single-layer graphene on Si wafers.

If you have any questions about our single-layer graphene on Si wafers, please contact a member of the team directly.