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Grolltex, short for ‘graphene-rolling-technologies’, is an advanced materials and equipment company located in the Scripps Ranch area of San Diego, California.

Our core strength is creating products based in single layer, CVD generated graphene of the highest quality. Through patented transfer and processing methods, we are able to produce single layer graphene at a cost structure not previously known.

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Our methodologies enable the design of world class graphene products, as well as the equipment used for graphene transfer that reuses and optimizes the previously ‘sacrificial’ copper substrate.

This optimization and reuse of the copper substrate enables cost, throughput and quality advantages that competing graphene production technologies cannot match. Additionally, our processes enable new graphene product designs and directions in the areas of sensing, OLED’s, barrier materials, bio-sensors and many more. For example, we have created what we believe is ‘the smallest, most sensitive strain sensor in the world’. At one atom thick, it’s pretty small and so far, we haven’t found any competing sensitivity results that are better.

The fundamental scientific breakthroughs that form the bedrock principles of our company were originally developed within the Nano Engineering Department at the University of California, San Diego, and have their foundations in the idea that if single layer, CVD generated graphene could not be produced in a cost effective, high throughput and environmentally sustainable way, then the thousands of amazing graphene product ideas being created worldwide would be stuck forever in the laboratories where they were dreamed up, never to see practical application nor broad acceptance.

With practicality in mind, the founders set out to functionalize a high throughput, inexpensive and environmentally sound graphene production process that could be used in a wide-ranging set of basic graphene material specifications. It is this mindset that is the basis of our designs and products and one look at our IP portfolio illustrates this idea

Today, our product offerings consist of graphene materials and foundry services that are world class. All of our products and materials are designed and made in the U.S.A. Everything is done in Class 1000 clean rooms, held to precise scientific standards for consistency and quality and all overseen by American trained and educated nanoengineers. Quality and consistency are something we take very seriously and our doors are always open for customer audits. Our initial customers, many from the life science and biotech industries, are very demanding and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our product offerings are growing rapidly as we process requests for new specifications and use cases. Please see our ‘Products and Services’ page.

We hope we get the chance to earn your business, and if we do, we will prove ourselves by exceeding your expectations. We hold ourselves to very high standards and we believe quite firmly that the trust you place in us is a sacred and very valuable one.

Please let us know if there is a graphene need you believe we can help you with.

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The following is a select listing of patents and research papers related to our graphene technologies*:

Metal-assisted exfoliation

'Metal-assisted exfoliation (MAE): green, roll-to-roll compatible method for transferring graphene to flexible substrates', A. Zaretski, et. al., Published in Nanotechnology, 1/5/15

Method for the Fabrication and Transfer of Graphene

'Method for the Fabrication and Transfer of Graphene', A. Zaretski, et. al., U.S. Patent #9,418,839 B2, Patent issue date 8/16/16

Processes for non-destructive transfer of graphene: widening the bottleneck for industrial scale production

'Processes for non-destructive transfer of graphene: widening the bottleneck for industrial scale production', A. Zaretski and D. Lipomi, Published in Nanoscale, from the Royal Society of Chemistry, 3/15/15

Metallic Nanoislands on Graphene as Highly Sensitive Transducers of Mechanical, Biological, and Optical Signals

'Metallic Nanoislands on Graphene as Highly Sensitive Transducers of Mechanical, Biological, and Optical Signals', A. Zaretski, et. al., Published in NanoLetters, 1/14/16

* List not inclusive of patents or research papers pending approval or publication